Latest freaky fruit and vile vegetables...

    Banana - New yourk (usa) - 2017/03/26

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    Everything Else - New York (New York) - 2017/03/26

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  • Cheerful vegetables
    Cheerful vegetables
    Everything Else - () - 2015/05/28

    before ruthlessly cut up for a salad for compassionate vegans

  • Strawberry chicken
    Strawberry chicken
    Strawberry - () - 2013/07/01

    Berry hen.

  • Hooked
    Orange - (Left Coast) - 2013/06/30

    Hooking orange.

  • Stimulus package
    Stimulus package
    Carrot - Closet () - 2013/06/30

    Batteries not supplied.

  • Don Quarrote
    Don Quarrote
    Carrot - Santa Barbarrrra () - 2013/06/30

    watching windmills?

  • Hot Tomato
    Hot Tomato
    Tomato - Orcutt () - 2013/06/30

    Tomato has a stiffie